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Perth, WA

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Frontline Solar is an Australian solar company with a mission to bring quality solar solutions to homes and businesses throughout Australia. Solar has an incredibly positive impact on our country, so we strive to make it accessible and affordable to all.

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Top quality brands means risk free solar.

Solar is an investment, so in order to get a good return from your investment, it needs to be able to withstand the test of time. That’s why we focus on providing our customers with the world's leading brands.

  • Largest manufacturer of batteries in the world

  • Large range has positioned LG as a leader in the residential and commercial markets

  • LG batteries are light and compact compared to rival competitors in the market

  • 10 year comprehensive manufacturer warranty

  • Provides comprehensive data on your solar generation and energy use

  • Allows us to log in weekly to make sure your system is running smoothly

  • Displays real time data including expected generation vs actual generation, when and how much energy you are using, losses to shading and alerts to any faults that may arise

  • Installation included when purchasing with a solar system

  • Leading brand in the solar optimiser market, known for simplicity and reliabilty​ 

  • Solar optimisers are attached to the back of a panel, the optimiser separates the panel from the others. The benefit of this is if a part of your system becomes shaded during a part of the day, the rest of the systems performance will not be affected.

  • Can be selectively deployed to problem shading areas